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Welcome to Region 26 of



These pages have been prepared by the Sysops of the Irish region of FidoNet.  Details of the BBSes that make up Region 26 are given below.  If you have not heard of FidoNet and would like to find out more, click on the link and all will be revealed, you really are missing something!

If you are familiar with BBSes and FidoNet, but would like to get more involved, why not become a point?

To learn more about pointing, check out Richard Halsall's WhyPoint FAQ.



The home of the Region Co-Ordinator for Ireland is ...


Andy Mowatt, is the Sysop and you will find yourself in The Dungeon by dialling +353-1-6211360.  This is an Amiga based BBS with a host of files available for download, online game doors and access to many FidoNet message echos.  The Dungeon supports modem speeds upto 33,600bps.  NEW! It is now possible to Telnet into The Dungeon at certain times.  Contact <REMOVED> for details. If you need to update your TelNet software, then a good place to start is

The home of the Region Echomail Co-Ordinator for Ireland is...





Jon Hunt is the Sysop here, and is arguably the friendliest Sysop in FidoNet. :-)  You can reach The Orb at +353-54-66965.   A PC based system, boasting the largest message base in Ireland and also being the official Terminate Support site. With modem speeds upto 33,600bps, making downloading of the many files a quickprocess.  


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